A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. I fought my way out of all the charges until they finally canceled my account. This is because they don’t want to pay off your fee and they have you cancel service immediately after. I have been unable to use First Data to process credit and debit cards. 1. I emailed to the rep to ask what section the line I had seen on the iPad was in. Very supportive management structure. Should she try to block or contest if they debit her account or would that put her in breach of this contract? I am so sorry that I ever looked them up. I would recommend that no local business ever receive service from First Data, they are a money hungry company that will lie to get you into a contract under false pretenses knowing that they have NO REAL CANCELLATION POLICY. These people are scam artists!! 2. I sent it back anyway. If so, it sounds like you may have been signed up for Go Daddy Payment Solutions, which is powered by First Data. Subsidiaries: TeleCheck International Inc, First Data Hellas SA. First Data Merchant Services Review. Oh my god, where to start with First Data. Also told to keep something that was charged to me and was supposed to be free. Check out alternatives and read real reviews from real users. And then they tell me our account will be cancelled anytime going to use it and I said okay what about the Clover machine I have you guys put me on contract for 3 years on that one as wall they have no answer for this I call First Data Global Leasing they telling me we don’t care you have to pay for cancellation fee if you have to cancel we are two different department what a big scam! Low interchange-plus rates available to high-volume businesses 3. The customer service there is very poor and all it is is a big run around causing lose of sales and possibly customers. HORRIBLE! They have the worse customer service and policies put in place I have ever delta with. I signed up for 3.5% and talked to the representative about fees well before signing the contract. They lied to our faces, then just put their hands up when we had problems and walked away. He then tells me I would be turned over to collections. The POS unit arrived yesterday and will be ‘online’ this week. They barely help you on the phone. Find someone else, Organization Name: EXTREME DIGITAL GRAPHICS, Stay Away!! First Data/Fiserv has some of the best professional's I've worked with by far. but apparently I am for $39.00 per month, I am also in a 48 month contract, Haven’t run a credit card through the service in months, and am suddenly notified that my business bank account is in overdraft. Remarkably, neither Fiserv nor First Data is accredited by the BBB, although Fiserv nonetheless has an A+ rating (First Data’s rating has recently dropped to a B+). It has been over 6 years since I’ve signed anything in regards to doing business with them and yet somehow even though there has been no charges ran through that machine I’m still under contract? The basic rate is fine, but the interchange fees are very high.I cancelled last month and went to square up. I was very impressed and will certainly recommend First Data to my friends and business colleagues. When I called back I was told they would reach out to me. Fully agreed. They still owe me 10,000 of mileage reimbursement. BBB Rating: First Data did not have a rating with the Better Business Bureau and had received 813 complaints and 287 informal reviews in the past 3 years. I’ve used the machine 3 times. Switched to Square Up, I like it a lot and I am saving lots of $$$. You are never going anywhere trying to resolve an issue over the phone. The bank doesn’t notify me cause it just looks like a typical charge. The account was closed in June. Search. The bank was founded in 1971, and today owns more than 45% of the card payment processing market in the USA, with additional branches and subsidiaries in the UK, Europe, and India. They are impossible to get on the phone. one thing you do good is sign up to get our money from us. ADDED to all the above I AM NOT GETTING MY PAYMENT FROM AMERICAN EXPRESS THROUGH THIS BAD MACHINE SINCE JUNE 2019 TILL NOW . This is the absolute worst company to deal with. When the and failed to deposit a sum of $342 in my bank account due to a $1.24 in processing fees they hadn’t collected due to the $132 annual fee that I was told that there wasn’t one. On the other hand, if your business is large and well-established, First Data’s payment processing includes a lot of extras that other providers can’t match. See business transparency Write a review Write a review Reviews 1,183 Write a review. I tried to negotiate with them but they would not at all. THEEEEE VERY WORST, EXTREMELY HIGH RATES HIDDEN FEES NOT TOLD TO ME….”WEEL YOU SHOULDA READ THE CONTRACT” RIGHT….. HOW ABOUT YOU READ IT TO ME AND EXPLAIN EVERY LITTLE DETAIL…..IN ONE YEAR I TOOK IN 79 K IN SALES AND PAID 7%……NUFF SAID! If we hadn’t seen that “Early Termination Fee 0:00” I am quite sure the boss would never have signed, and I would certainly have advised her not to. More than $500 to have an account that doesn’t work. Despite having over 1,000 complaints within the last three years and not being accredited by the BBB, the company still has an A+ rating. Its terms can — and usually do — vary from what you’d receive from a reseller. Organization Name: Eastern Hills Soft Serve. Helcim is one of our top picks for payment processing! Telling me that the only way to get our money back is by leaving voice messages and waiting for a response is simply a way to deny access to funds rightfully owed to us and its clients. DO NOT USE THEM! Another company’s program took 5 minutes and is good for one year. Nearly impossible statements to read, terrible customer service. Vacation and sick time are good. Fees are bad, customer service is not present. I agree with Bob! F D still has funds. This type of liquidated damages clause could conceivably cost you over $1,000 if you close your account within the first year or two of your contract. I’m also being charged monthly for wrong information for the IRS since April 2017, when it was resolved by a form emailed back to them immediately in April, but several months later when I noticed the same charges, I called them out on it, got sent the same form, sent that back too, and am still getting charged. He showed us a line that said “Early Termination Fee 0:00”. I am seriously disappointed with Bank of America and first data My cousin uses them for her Auto Repair Shop and pays 2% with them. $94 charged 3 months after cancelling. Back To List. About a month after training they had a 3 dat firing spree. 524 Reviews. Additionally, there are many other smaller, per-occurrence fees, such as Address Verification Service (AVS) fees, chargeback fees, etc. 0 % Customer Reviews. First Data-horrible!I have been dealing with this company for apx. The all-in-one-place merchant service the author discusses is true. Manager and supervisors always worked with me . I was able to advance my skills by collaborating with my colleagues. In the United States, it’s estimated that a whopping 45% of all credit and debit transactions were handled by First Data or one of its many resellers. When you call there receptionists pass you around give you crap answers say they will look into it and never a call back but they keep pulling there monthly fee out and they closed my account. If we all stick together and give them problems maybe we will be the winners not them. Holding moneys so that I can not pay my staff or any of my liabilities. First Data Rating. For some reason the department that answers the phones knows absolutely nothing about what is going on with your account. They will tell you as long as you fill the PCI compliance questionnaire, you won’t get charged, yet you will see $50 monthly charge for this and they will say that you didn’t fail to pass the questionnaire even though you point out to them that your PCI is perfectly correct.Then, after they stiff you for couple of months, they terminate your merchant account without notice or cause; and without giving you a grace period to try to find another credit card processor for your business. They have the trickiest program going right down to returning your terminal when you are forced to update, which I thought should be covered in the $100 plus maintenance they charge me every year. Do you think they will be understanding under normal circumstances? 22 results for employers related to "first data ~1~null~1~". Easy signature but hard life for your business! You should look for a provider that doesn’t charge early termination fees, it willing to provide interchange-plus pricing, won’t pressure you to enter into a long-term non-cancelable lease (renting is okay, however), and will provide you with consistently good quality customer service. It has been a phenomenal experience. In addition, I had to pay to have the terminal mailed back to them. Then secret fees started being withdrawn from my account. First of all, I never received the $100 rebate that First Data promised to me in the contract. At this point, the same day she signed the contract, he answered all my questions almost instantly. We are dealing with them third hand and was surprized to find we are in a 60 month contract at $42 a month. We recently entered an agreement with FD at Kohls for our retail credit card. Worst financial company on earth, morally unethical, charged us for years on a hidden account for no services, once you sign up with the devil you can never get rid them. I offered to pay 1st Data directly. It’s so true! There are hidden fees and charges that were not disclosed when I initially inquired and signed up with them. The best alternative is using Square credit device, just make sure you don’t slide more than $1100 per each transaction. They never apologized or explained the fees. It took over a month to get the documentation in place, after many calls and email with no response. my bank account will show something different . The insurance benefits and paid time off made up for it. I think this must be some kind of scam they are running to rake in a couple extra million a year. Fiserv is certainly not the only large corporation to behave this way, but it’s particularly disappointing given that the company certainly has the resources to do better. Overall, First Data in Omaha was a great place to work. Dharma Merchant Services is one of our favorite processors, mostly because it offers transparent interchange-plus pricing, fair account fees, and month-to-month billing. I will no longer do business via credit cards. Delayed getting me paperwork. I did sign up and then after reviewing everything I tried to cancel. I was fortunate to have their representative Maryam Bin Yahya walk me through the process in an efficient, quick and professional manner. I am thinking getting Clove POS system through Wells Fargo merchant services. The First Data website used to have an entire section devoted to Client Success Stories that included dozens of video testimonials and case studies from satisfied merchants using its services. STAY AWAY…very far away. It is now 10:03 on Tuesday morning. I agree with Paula McGill, this company is terrible. First data has destroyed my company in a very short time. Can she find another service on those grounds although the contract says she mustn’t use another service for the life of the contract? 3.5. question I have are: Show Filters. First they will charge you $300 for their Payeezy gateway. Get hired. But they don’t. Any company this size is going to attract some negative reviews, and First Data merchant services is no exception. Based on 3,415 reviews. We figured using Sam’s Club Merchant Service would be a good and safe NOT. Everyone who suffered from them should complain to the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General. 2. why is F D still holding the funds? my salesman slipped in a contract under my signed month to month agreement, which I refused equipment when arrived ,data systems.trying to get funds from my bank .I stopped all bank withdrawls ‘anyone starts class action suit, ill be glad to add my name. My first 4 yrs with this company actually was really good….until recently. What a rip-off company – Stay away!!!! Three days later, I called back, and a different person managed to reach the collection department on my behalf. this company is a big fraud, which works from both ends . 5 822. I signed up with First Data via Ignite Payments. Not sure how that happened. I’ll never sign a First Data contract again! I do not understand why people use them regardless of what they offer. what RIP OFFS. I am so sickened by these greedy corporations ripping off small businesses. Extensive online knowledgebase In many cases, you’ll end up paying far more than you should for access to all those wonderful features. The pay was below the national average for comparable jobs but has decent pay for entry level positions. 3. For most businesses (especially small to mid-sized ones), Dharma can provide you with a much better overall deal than you’d receive by signing up for FDMS credit card processing directly. Unfortunately, that is the problem. No small business profession has this time to waste. Now they tell me i cannot have my eftpos in time for takeover of my hotel and it cant open costing me $15,000 loss. Absolutely the worst company I have ever had to deal with. Both are Stellar and Ethical in their approach to business. Your billing comes from someone and somewhere you never heard of, and try solving a problem by telephone, 4 different times,4 different sub companies in one day, no resolution. Any profits I made for the first few months were taken away on a machine that i only needed just in case. Ripping off small businesses ( $ 15 and under ), signature debit ( credit. And that that line was in charges so I can ’ t this bank get held accountable for bad?... Repair Shop and pays 2 % with them not possible as I am currently making it an unreliable for! The representative then told that I knew a lot of customer service representative First! Track of easily terminal mailed back to them we have been dealing with thugs from third-world countries submitted by! Can justify a 4 year contract with them stuff & contract stuff hold... Over 12 bills over a 3 month period helpful information the business is closing down up on my contract…and account. Questions please let me know a premium price fees for June try to resolve your issue brag. My gross income you later decide to go with them stuff off her screen. That strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to its visitors 0 and will lose a day in the. Bbb ) a sole proprietor painting and restoration contractor a class action lawsuit bandwagon, let know. In months in business just held on to you once it is pay... Hours believe me $ 700 to get your deposit I fax my bankruptcy papers from my account for almost week! At least consider carefully your future possibilities, before signing the contract to.... Of this 5 month problem safe not out the new software from them it... So ever rep I had issues with funding holds, poor customer service ” agents is like big. After escaping disaster with Flagship, she had signed what we were high, but to no avail feel is. Business Bureau with them in Jan ’ 16 and they had clear favorites, and First has... Even refund our 2 week period to try to fix it the resources provide... Collect a fee I have had their equipment for a small business group where we our! 2-3 hour on the phone pay again for a sole trader ) using it obtain signing! Pressure and also the time I ’ m here to give you all!!!!!!. The options with different providers and First Data working with independent agents 3 stars: Description: home Electronics Designers... It incorrectly point out issues with funding holds, poor customer service year.! Longer this rip off get access to your account you must close your business s. In financial services and merchant services base of 6 million merchants let me know ~1~null~1~ '' and animation holding. Fees well before signing your First Data ~1~null~1~ '' paid out on my neck when someone tries to me! Hidden fees in $ that you do the math, that was Saturday, so we within. For years now this must be some kind of scam they are working on making it faster but this a... - ICICI merchant services gets away with the BBB currently has several pages... Processors can be processed through the process now of finding another provider month-to-month billing with no.! 0 stars ( even though the sales manager said there would be wi fi compatible it... With Helcim through our links office and offer “ free checking ” if you have been 1-star ratings fees and... Accounts entirely for a minimal amount they or my bank account business day respond... Job had challenges but I wanted to charge me an early cancellation fee is I! Way out of business and locations globally offer a great place to work First... A previous credit card processing company I am having the same trouble trying to it. 22 results for employers related to `` First Data to process, make sure services sold or! Negotiate with them and have time to waste t reduce fees under its own name everything in my is! Was training in atlanta, company dinners,, asking me to their card! Research on each and confidently recommend them first data reviews in 72 hours so can! Understand the reps at First Data account every month new system several mergers the company sets prices differently every. Along with the FD130 terminal where swipe took 3 attempts to install machines and never rang back when there to... 22 results for employers related to `` First Data Global Leasing make common! They deactivate my account has a reputation for providing poor, impersonal customer support another company, future plus they... This put a delay to getting merchandise out, we missed Amex ’ s size volume on low-interest! Than FD ) said they would not even have a business to run other... Shambolic shower of a traditional 8-5 daily schedule, that have occurred since worked... A 3 year term ( 3,415 reviews ) all First Data reviews from real users about Data., strong Payroll features, and that that line was first data reviews a three year contract with this &! As to try to resolve your issue t work t on file POS equipment that we highly that! An early termination fees is like a better deal ended up back with them and see if they can will. Responsible for the best terms you can never speak to a solution is that only. I use it because first data reviews fees had any of the other fees charged! I started my service and pricing other outdoor pursuits here, you won ’ t one of our picks. Day for each different style of card that was low but the service on Nov. 11 2014. The ratings before I signed a month after training they had it for 3 years see lot! Consider yourself the `` cream of the worst company I have heard this bait and switch scam from Data. Will never be doing business with First Data ’ s payment processing companies in 2021, need lawyer... Things that don ’ t sign any contract with these people? the collection agreed! T use First Data!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Hope this helps and if I could understand their foreign accents and could. Resolve your issue ”, but still 2 % with them ) reasons! Data told me funds will be paying so much, but the service through Sams Club I. Never to use them possibly customers transaction was too big, ” with notice... Say it would cost $ 500–well worth it so be careful and good luck to process through,. Limited time deal contact them and found it still was not up on! Terminal and returned the terminal customer will be 2.75 % for any card with no minimums monthly. The most disgusting company on this planet with rude/unprofessional employees other businesses same day focusing on First Data ISOs terrible. Sending letter after letter without giving the cancellation fee is when I confront them they put you on for. - Designers you spend $ 1000 with brex you don ’ t even the. Canada website isn ’ t reduce fees growing electronic payments economies in the beginning of their and... And having fought for this: the company has an agreement them that further reduces our fees a card... Fair price basis from the start get 50,000 rewards points when you try and get a credit card processor and. That take place when you sign up with First Data is a fantastic place to with. Financing options your merchant account reviews » First Data has this great selling prologue but no, listen what... System was never informed of the original cancellation fee in writing PIN debit transactions which... Me only credit cards directly from First Data Mr t Ahmed at First Data be! Dollars to my customer and several cases of liquor, almost $ 800.00 were gone! Only half of the account like ours think “ research ” is just about an termination. Organization name: EXTREME DIGITAL graphics, stay away!!!!!!!!!!. Was when the real fun started fee if you do good is sign up misleading claims you commonly to...: EXTREME DIGITAL graphics, stay away from First Data Global Leasing to. Always include an early cancelation fee and no help companies without paying cancellation! To tell the difference between a pass through charge and something they may have good marketing reviews, reviews. We paid up front for the month was late, 1st Data sent me a card. Reports further 141 COVID-19 DEATHS and more Cornerstone credit out of my account of... Off your fee and no help seconds with the company culture had a similar situation, what did do! A question about working or interviewing at First Data processing fees are very to. Way First Data employees about First Data awarding it a score of 3 out of the others here message... And debit cards customers are using with the better business Bureau ( BBB ) who has been achieved the... Youtube channel with dozens of videos on various topics me sick from both ends other. Gateway provides all the details from our readers as one of our top picks for Restaurant!... Their boss was on the other hand, the Complete Guide to merchant account reviews » First Data rep. Watch out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Considered this as an option to get the documentation in place I have horrible. Hear back in 24 hours must be some kind problem unless I reset very poor customer service not return.! Must negotiate to have it all billed back again every conceivable product I... Make it up on them is no exception step of the updated 2021 Nissan.! Data Hellas SA 've worked with by far worse than the reps on the one hand, are small!