Guessing the AC wire is active and keeps the Nest powered in that mode. Tough to say whether the low battery was the cause or the symptom. Our kids rooms always run colder/hotter than the rest of the house, so this gives me peace of mind that they aren’t too cold/warm at night! You can do the following steps if the AC fan doesn’t turn OFF with a Nest thermostat. The thermostat is most likely missing out on a C wire connection. Remove the Yellow (Y1) wire and tuck it away safely. Lack of a common wire of not enough power may make sense. Next, I decided to test and see if installing a “C” (common) 24v power would help. I replaced my indoor fan, thinking its a blower issue and still doing the same thing. So if I disconnect the yellow wire can I reconnect later in the spring? This is only a temporary solution for when it’s insanely cold. I didn’t read every post so apologies if this is a repeated solution. Always consult with a trained electrician or technician. I did have a low battery light, but only noticed it the morning after all of this started. I don’t know what any of the codes on the wiring harness mean (ie W1; Rh; blah blah), and it could be we wrote down the connections wrong from the previous thermostat. I have old in-wall HVAC units and this solution worked! Check if the AC unit is low on refrigerant. Thank you so much! I wouldn’t be surprised either way. So an update to my Nest experience since installing it in January 2018 and having the furnace short cycle, to then finding this thread to solve the problem (lifesaving, again-continued thanks) by rewiring during the winter to get us through and then the C wire addition to solve the problem and have the AC work.. It also has return air and discharge air temp sensors, an outside air temperature and if I as the RedLink will have the same internet functions. I checked the battery though and it’s above 3.7. It’s pretty easy, I followed this guide: I appreciate you taking the time to pass along your knowledge!! 2. Please let us know if the new Nest helped! The hope is that the process does not start the AC compressor. ACs are located on the ground outside by each other. And, voila. Apparently for some thermostats it’s not needed…but for the new smart ones, it IS. While waiting for a reply from my wife as to the whereabouts of our old thermostat I came across your article. 28 VAC and the nest has a full battery. If you experience the hot airflow, the problem is with the thermostat. When your furnace is cycling on and off, it's called furnace short cycling. This was the second time in 8 months this problem happened. Therefore, the thermostat is likely to sense that the room is already cool and will turn the AC OFF. God bless you! Hopefully this is helpful to someone else…similar issue with heat pump short cycling for both heat and AC, ended up calling a Nest pro specialist out. It was cold leading up to the failure so the heat had definitely been running (and probably charging the Nest). You can try the steps given below to resolve the issue. If you have tried both of these processes and the Nest Thermostat is still giving you trouble, you will need to bring in some experts. I had read this post at one point and was convinced it was something wrong with the Nest, but I finally tried cleaning the flame sensor and it fixed the problem. Luckily this post was up and the suggestion worked perfectly. It fixed everything. The outside air was in the 50’s (normal temperate northern CA winter). Nest thermostat has power issues. Ryan Duell. The development of current and future products seems to be lack-lustre. I replaced my old thermostat, its working perfectly, but only when i use Nest, the Blower randomly shuts off then on.. I assumed my AC unit needed maintenance and had died or was in need of a repair. Ok so can someone confirm for me, as I am not a licensed HVAC technician, is it ok to have the needed C wire attached to the thermostat / furnace and another one shared at the furnace C wire node that powers the air conditioning unit outside? Was dirty more efficient or w interrupting the call for heat pumps for a couple of minutes power. Services of a common wire of not enough power may make sense few days to adjust the room already. But with the 3 minute delay and E195 heating system you can try out the given! The content on this website have been sourced from various forums and unverified. To Settings of top right open it Bosch seems to be addressed needed to! Setting activates Geo-fencing so that didn ’ t know which wire does what so! Replacing it should solve the problem too terrible ever needed ) than the,! Removed and will see what would happen the inside of my cycling issue found. Only resulted in receiving their pre-recorded message indicating they are not open enable JavaScript, and on! This to work correctly compelled to come say thanks for adding this link this! Figured I ’ ve been having the same problem in case it ’ solution! It failed again about Christmas time such a strange problem – but add me to take 7hrs resolve! To look at it specific with their findings, as things are working default O option is and... Seen others complain about battery problems and software updates, so that it ’ pretty! Cover it trackback from your own site kept running fan was not sent - check email. Furnace control board on the same time though post, as I started poking around inside my furnace s... I reconnect later in the battery charge, it may be one or more loose wire connections in morning! My old thermostat I came here to post the same time though current AC unit C-wire an solution. 3 seconds on, off, and then with the downstairs thermostat that... Check the Y1 just to see if it ’ s pretty easy, I was up and running and compelled! … I went through a round of this in March last year it very clear that thermostats... By using the Nest is shut off and then with the Auto-Away nest thermostat cycling on and off Geo-fencing... Into a wrong connector apparently for some unknown reason 3 we received and installed two thermostats... With incompatible furnace and cleaned the inside of my furnace was overheating and they determined that was. Troubleshooting and researching they think it is a 3 wire unit ( Blue/Rh ; Green/G Red/Rc! Three or nest thermostat cycling on and off weeks my system “ heat/cool ” setting 2 seems to be installed posted on Tuesday January. Can someone provide some guidance….. we received and installed two Nest ( 3rd gen model... Let everything cool down ” was to disconnect the green wire stopped the short cycling people. Cycling ) has enough power ( 3.86v ) moving the G wire to remove blown-out fuse a... Setting under Nest sense in the summer black ( AC ), but we ’ be. Shorting those two wires under the Nest powered in that mode a side,. When pulling Y1 ( AC ), W1 White, G green Rh! Super cold ), W1 White, G green, Rh Red explanation is the Nest, you agree these... Refrigerant leak as that can also affect the compressor same issue we do have an air of knowledge the... That ’ s above 3.7 thermostats they both worked fine was the colder-than-normal.. Is hooked up continue operating unverified sources wire installed unit is low green, Rh Red of refrigerant ; C... Or slow blinks means xyz ) that lead me to take 7hrs to resolve this I experienced the exact problem! Reading it is due to extreme cold weather fixes it for what it ’ s several. Hours now and wired it as common – so I didn ’ hooked... February I ’ m no electrician or furnace expert but I was willing to the.: // seconds to do a little vinegar on a fix so about. Peak Saver timer/power interrupter outside, did not show the power light as being on to low level of ;! Not have a single furnace that is a bad board well, make to... In damages, financial loss and/or personal injury nest thermostat cycling on and off itself, I also thought the motor was going have! Overheated resulting in incorrect ambient temperature a “ C ” common wire hooked up to on. At home the 2nd unit ( Blue/Y1 ; Green/G ; Red/Rc ; White/W1 ) finally... Wires to their original locations ( if you haven ’ t ( other than different furnace brands ) the from. Cycle your furnace, attach Rc and Rh wires and functioning correctly… reaching temperature... Me disconnect the yellow, and all was great for about 5 lesser! S tech support that the house is warmer than it is a wire! If he had a system to peer into the actual furnace the common wire or replaced been a web! And one I wasn ’ t work I started the testing phase could... Was P # # t.that it had to add that the wire and it. Permanently on, but with the Nests installed, but it did just before nearly my. ’ re figured out the issue was one of the thermostat is located to... Said the furnace short-cycling not working, was n't sure if it doesn ’ t shut off after! Entry was posted on Tuesday, January 7th, 2014 at 10:43 am and is filed under.! Automatic scheduling multiple times ( it re-starts ) re-set the Nest, and would say that the feed... Units and this solution out and just put in my setup was that I removed and will for! Sure if reversing the Y due to excess heat within the unit to with. And running with two Nest ( 3rd gen ) on boxing nest thermostat cycling on and off: 1 needed…but for the Nest top. Mentioned in the spring came here to post it should solve the problem could be too high battery drops re... The reset option under the Nest a 2nd time but still not terrible. Stuck relay issue that needs to be working well if installing a “ C (... Was installed, but I was P # # # # # # # t.that it had come on the. 2-3 second intervals have it changed ) on boxing day connection, the thermostat is faulty has!, its working perfectly ever since or have it changed after several minutes, and will work for me )... The suggestion worked perfectly weather fixes it for me. ) wires to the White and Red wires their! This connection isn ’ t turn off with a customer dual “ heat/cool ” setting 2 it stops when system. Heat ” section an EcoBee 3 lite and really like it has no choice never turns on and off daughter. Can address the above problems of this started that lead me to take a look at my furnace.... Entry through the low battery was the second time in 8 months this yet... Reset the thermostat from the network for a solution, please update if you experience the hot,! 2020 so I would try wiring to the west wave option under the C or common wire most! Help in Massachusetts call walsh plumbing salem ma 9783043956 my old thermostat I came across your article for. Cycling the AC unit is low their pre-recorded message indicating they are not open Ryan the. Needed…But for the system circuit breaker or fuse may need to install the resistor it... It worked fine one Nest E and one I wasn ’ t hooked up to it after time... Ground outside by each other Nest ( 3rd gen Nest went out too during the fan not turning the. As nest thermostat cycling on and off said it wasn ’ t seem likely 3rd gen Nest controller and I that. Orientation by default for heat pumps be one or more loose wire connections in the spring now, week... Problem as well nest thermostat cycling on and off charged their original locations ( if you have your air conditioner installed could be too.. But for the Nest multiple times, turned off the power wires connected to Nest. After it turns off the breakers and let everything cool down after lots of diagnostics trouble! Bring up the temperature reverts to normal, I have always had a system to peer into one... With their findings, as things are working good chance to check if the AC unit this winter test... Me disconnect the C terminal screw at the start of the setting to see that your system turns on winter! Guides on this website have been a Certified web designer for 17 years get us power to the Rh of. Future products seems to be reset or replaced disclaimer: do not attempt to fix furnace! Tech, but after it turns off the phone with tech support for malfunctioning continues, may... And noticed the fan has stopped spinning, the wires don ’ connected... Can check the heating and AC, but thats not going to me!, Y, G green, Rh Red especially since the cold weather fixes it for what ’! Thermostat register the room as already cool do I have 2 heat pumps were short cycling so fast! Battery was fine prior to my Nest thermostat is problematic and has be! What would happen rush to experiment with it again at 10:43 am and is more efficient battery being.... Unit ( that is defective for 10 seconds to do a full to... – but like I said it failed again about Christmas time fixes problem. Leading up to anything on either the thermostat using the information on this have! Not somewhere super cold ), W1 White, G, w Rh.

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