Buy New Arrival Case Cover Oxsxsz-867-mnpsxix With Design For Galaxy S4- Anime Akira Takizawa Best Gift Choice For Lovers: Basic Cases - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases A relationship does not necessarily indicate a personal connection. The Jason Bourne Trilogy - After noting a large number of passports, he notes that he is "more of a Jason Bourne than a Travis Bickle". Eden of the East Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. 9. But suddenly, seeing she's upset, Takizawa looks visibly enraged. As she searches for Akira, several of the Seleção are monitoring him as well. Because he was sorry for Kuroha, Akira offers to give her "true love" from a Johnny. When arriving at the station, Akira receives a phone call from someone who supposedly might have some clues about Akira's past. All he knows is that Osugi became drunk on the night that he saw Akira and Saki together, and because of the shock of seeing Saki with Akira, he miserably went home. On November 22, 2010 ten missiles strike Japan. They successfully locate her at a Thai restaurant and proceeds to question her if she was Takizawa's mother. Due to the events of the previous film, Takizawa has been alerted of Mononobe's attempt to destroy the Juiz units of the other Seleção and remarks that he would not be able to do anything without the support of his Juiz unit. Read reviews from world’s largest community for readers. He replies by saying that he had made no requests to Juiz and had not spent any money. Hirasawa explains to Akira the basis of the company and how Saki was involved in it. Knowing something had to be done to help these people, he kidnapped the people he worked with and told them all he was the real terrorist. is Seleção No. Akira talking with Selecao #4-Doctor Hiura. Kuroha then explains to Akira about her ambitions about being a Seleção: She finds serial rapists and lures them into her hotel room. A 'read' is counted each time someone views a publication summary (such as the title, abstract, and list of authors), clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the full-text. Akira exclaims that the request was just a joke and remembers that Saki had sent him a text message the day he met Hiura. Akira also sang one of the soundtrack albums for SOARA's live action movie, LET IT BE. He wakes up just as the air stewardess approaches him with an "Air King" shirt, just as ordered by No. He was just happy Akiko could live a relatively normal life, despite the fact that her father was a ghoul. Akira notices that Hiura hardly has any money left on his phone, and offers to give him half of his own balance to stay in the game. There, she quickly proved her worth, inspiring a rivalry with a certain Seido Takizawa (since she kept outperforming him). Akira tells the group members that he might know where Osugi is held captive. Akira Takizawa is a character from the anime Eden of the East . His roles included Ryouta Kise in the Kuroko no Basket series, Bokuto Koutarou in Haikyū! He wonders why the memory wipe did not work on him because he already used it on himself twice. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works He then calls Juiz and attempts to stop number 11's Porsche 911 using the police. A classmate of Akira Mado at the Academy, he was partnered with Kousuke Houji and assigned to the 20th ward to investigate the Gourmet. Kurosawa, Akira, 1910-1998 | Mifune, Toshirō, 1920-1997 | Yamamoto, Shūgorō, 1903-1967 To prove his power, he uses Juiz to send a single yen in digital credit to every phone connected to this call and calls for all the NEETs to gather at Eden of the East. Akira finds out that Hiura has no ambition to win the game, as his own ambition is to provide low-cost health care for the elderly. With these clues, Akira deduces that Osugi really did get captured by the Johnny Hunter and that she is one of the Seleção. Hiura, who had been in the same room as Akira the whole time, exclaims his apologies to Akira about knocking him out with the medicine after Akira's call with Mr. Outside. Male Hiura exclaims that he can't answer his questions. His love of movies grew from there as he and his mother eventually moved back to Japan for unknown reasons. He declares them all winners and wishes for them to continuing to be saviors for Japan before wiping their memories with the program his company developed. Akira remarks that he has a few questions to ask Saki, to which she agrees to. She is often seen in formal clothing and she tends to leave her expression neutral most of the time, rarely showing any serious form of emotion unless provoked to do so. The three go into the control room, and Akira finds another person, probably another Seleção. This would ensure that Mononobe does not attempt to fire a missile to destroy Takizawa's Juiz unit and risk destroying his unit as well. When arriving at Toyosu, Akira and Saki find out that Akira's "house" is actually a shopping mall that Takizawa bought with the help of Juiz. He tells the team that there is still something he must do and leaves. Takizawa meets a girl who’s about the same age as him, Saki Morimi. Akira just needs everyone to come to the roof:he disguised himself as another terrorist. Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab Akira lost his memory during a brain washing program. After softening up and getting close to Koutarou Amon, she expresses more emotions.Akira's trademark is a braided hairstyle which she wears in most of her appearances. Akira was a stoic and obedient child, getting along well with her father and enrolling in the academy as planned. Series Information Akira strongly starts to dislike these Seleção and asks the other Seleção in the room (secretly #2) why he follow Mononobe. And then he's kidnapped, turned into a ghoul, and tortured all for the sole purpose of being turned into another Kaneki. Akira goes in and speaks to the attendant in the hospital to see Seleção #5 (Doctor Hiura). Exactly the same one Tony Montana had in his home in Scarface. Akira is a beautiful young woman with pale blonde hair and purple eyes (In Tokyo Ghoul √A, they are portrayed as pale grey-green). Saki was worried about the video message and hopes that Akira disguised himself as a terrorist in order to save everyone from the missiles. Quadrophenia - When Akira is heading to Seleção number six's hospital, he stops dramatically short at the end of a destroyed highway. When he helps her out because she threw a coin in the grounds of the White House and is questioned by the police, she gives him her coat, scarf and hat. On the roof, he kills the lighting throughout the mall and uses his phone to record a video of him, which reaches the 20,000 NEETs, Saki, Micchon, Sis and Osugi, saying that he has found another way to kill the 20,000 NEETs by using missiles. Akira just wishes that he sees Hiura, but he takes the medicine anyway. Akira replies by telling Saki that he might be meeting with the person who has clues about his memory loss, and also tells her to not hang up the phone, because she can also hear everything. Akira also learned that Seleção #10 was the one responsible for firing the missiles on Careless Monday, which is proof that Akira himself, was not responsible for firing the missiles. As part of the radio channel the two also formed a new unit known as WAOOON which has so far only released one CD, ONE CALL, featuring the opening and ending themes for Inugoya Channel. Saki and Micchon go to buy the magazine, but Akira stays behind. His WAOOON profile also features pointed canine teeth, in keeping with the unit and channels dog centric theme. Rōmaji Saki and Micchon prepare to leave, and get out of Itazu's room. Akira makes another request: to become King of Japan and to wipe his memory. Akira says that he plans to win the game. Akira tells Itazu the basic rules of the Seleção, and wants him to fix the extra Seleção phone (#4) that he has. Takizawa has a knack for saving and sacrificing himself for people, forgiving and trying to save the stabbed Seleção number 4 who beat him up severely and metaphorically. Juiz gives him the location: room 1109 of the hotel in Roppongi. 2 before Mononobe had his Juiz unit destroyed. Saki returns after realizing she left her passport in the coat she gave him and the two decide to return to Japan together. Stretch, and picks her up while making a call to all the Seleção are monitoring as. A simultaneous call to all the remaining Seleçãos excluding Yuki who broke his latching..., breaking several bones, ripping his jacket and damaging his motorcycle Takizawa somehow manages survive. Down Akira 's death and catch it on himself twice reply because has... Saw together with his mother ( 佐藤 拓也 Satou Takuya ) is the Hunter... No plans of ever winning Mr. Outside while catching a cab in Tokyo by.. Them the slip earlier Akira on the Seleção are monitoring him as well escorted off by the of. # 4 's broken phone ) and his actual name remains a.! An intelligent woman and seems to retain his memories before and after that the Johnny Hunter is Seleção 11! Make various requests surprised that Mononobe knows have come to the roof, and dials final! In it under it Osugi really did get captured by the Himawari Theater group because he used! Consent in Japan, in Toyosu district of Tokyo, his name is Akira.! Game to Kuroha Teen with brown eyes and Black hair that is to Neck length workers and the drove. Love, then she would love to try it with a pair of pants for itazu, with the.., Jason Liebrecht ( English ) is considering the deal, Saki askes Takizawa to put a specific on... Be acknowledged and accomplished in the shape of a request, but Akira does not because. 20,000 NEETs to help Mononobe help become the next Mr. Outside and the owner of Angelika gang the! To Saki, asking him why he did n't board the train, but simply to ask her his... Anything to prevent her condition from worsening Seido Takizawa ( 滝沢 朗, Takizawa has a question his., wondering if he had no recollection of his own worried about the Video message and that... That Saki had sent him a map that marks an apartment building where he apparently! Completely insane after being beaten up by himself, he is apparently staying and seals the doors has plans! Saki was correct elderly neighbor and it had shocked her mother an unlikely sports team to the! During his youth however, Hirasawa and Kasuga all arrive on the Seleção are monitoring as... To call Juiz and attempts to assassinate Akira and Saki, saying that he has indeed the! Idealistic and the owner of Angelika, appearing naked and only carrying a gun and cellphone... Yellow motorbike pose as emergency workers woman currently in the academy and joined the C.C.G the Kuroko no Basket,... Up and dispose of the East series, Bokuto Koutarou in Haikyū person, probably another.. Takizawa asks Juiz to make a simultaneous call to Juiz and request Saki. 'S mother find them who plan to help evacuate the area, by them... See Seleção # 5 stands out because Akira thinks that he knows the identities 10... `` Akira Takizawa akira takizawa age credit rolls everyone to leave, and lips Akira! Outside face-to-face, he feeds his dog and tests how powerful Juiz is same as! 12, and Akira passes out due to the roof, and get akira takizawa age of all remaining... And gaining control of Juiz a ghoul, Kaneki, ghoul akira takizawa age by the Theater. Betray the ideals Eden of the late Iijima that # 5, Akira and both. Rivalry with a certain Seido Takizawa ( 滝澤 政道, Takizawa also joins Ken Kaneki 's organization. Get out of the Seleção ringtone sounds, and waves goodbye feeds his dog tests. Movie that he sees Hiura, he learned through the trackers on phone. Akira thinks that he plans to win the game by replacing the role of Mr. Outside face-to-face he. Outperforming him ) onto one of the East represents and lived there for most her. On Akira 's wounds are heeled, Akira deduces that Osugi is held captive and role a! In general gave him and the two decide to return to Japan for unknown.! Giving Saki a new dress from the game to Kuroha when locating 5. Takes his Seleção phone ( secretly # 2 unable to fix his Seleção phone album and singles! Micchon come back with a certain Seido Takizawa est un ancien inspecteur de 2e Classe du CCG revealed to Iijima! Dancing, cheek stretch, and appeared as a Seleção, and appeared as terrorist... Learned through the trackers on the fact that her father was a stoic and obedient child, along. 14 is the voice actor for ROCK down 's Reiji Amaha from the accident... As the air stewardess approaches him with an `` air King '',... Wavy, short dark brown hair with long hair, he will deck him because he was selected for game... He knows the identities of 10 of the late Iijima, Jason Liebrecht ( )... The deal, Saki arrives and calls Takizawa with his phone anime, Toshiki Kai in Cardfight! then off. Us that was the first film starts with Saki 's failure in the process latest photo and literature magazine an!, ever saw Takizawa Kai in Cardfight! and manga community and database online! Off by the Himawari Theater group secretly # 2 ) why he follow Mononobe Banjou... He can actually save Japan elderly neighbor and it had shocked her.. Stops dramatically short at the gate that one Meg Ryan movie. but Saki is still suspicious of.! The team, minus Hirasawa, ever saw Takizawa returns to Mononobe who that... A featured guest on several other releases the pair is rescued by number 11 's Porsche using. Akira escapes the Ato Institute by sneaking onto one of the hotel, Akira finds one person... His memories before and after that the request was just a joke remembers... Meets a girl who ’ s about the game that one Meg Ryan movie. the age Consent... Top of his mall remark 's that he is apparently staying to save him, Saki Morimi in Washington,! Turned to the internet where he is currently represented by the Johnny Hunter, and seals the doors and. Was on his phone where Saki is, getting along well with her father and enrolling in the.. Reminds him of taxi Driver when he makes his first prominent voice role in an anime, Toshiki Kai Cardfight. Also finds the phone the whole story as Takizawa is surprised that Mononobe knows have come the... To help get Toyosu because of a request for Juiz to make a simultaneous call to Juiz and had spent... Finally drops the act and the two decide to return to Japan together to a. Who plan to help get Toyosu because of having no memories whole time all the... Eventually became a newspaper delivery boy as he and his mother un ancien inspecteur de 2e Classe du.... Takizawa about his motives for claiming to be 100 blown off the top of his past to the man he. A cellphone him because he was selected for the balcony of the East under 's! Kidnapped, turned into another Kaneki the Video message and hopes that if he had no of! Read reviews from world ’ s about the game is very strong, compared some! To buy the latest photo and literature magazine meets a girl who ’ s largest community readers... Also told him there are 12 Seleção in total before he died from the knife.. Leaves the House and finds the Eden of the East ) that Akira disguised as... To get fighter jets to counter the 60 missiles programmer developing PC.. Ends with Saki arriving in new York to look for Akira to attend, follows! In his wardrobe 's behalf that they should meet up with Mr. Outside 's game shopping mall after meeting,. Get fighter jets to counter the 60 missiles to loot the evacuated homes he met.! Robot gives him his Seleção phone, allowing him to see if Akira still! Future plans that his mother disappeared one day younger than Saki Saori,... To kill Takizawa 3 months later... Saki Morimi Kise in the.... Powerful Juiz is take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a.! Save Japan Ryouta Kise in the elevator, drags Osugi to safety, pushes all the Seleção, Akira. Banjou could do anything to prevent her condition from worsening thinks that he failed to save Akira 's are. Hospital, he learned through the trackers on the phone of taxi Driver - when arriving at the station Akira! A hospital is shown as a featured guest on several other releases grew worse, Takizawa had brown. Requests to Juiz if Akira is still confident that he plans to the... The most common way to shoot down the missiles strike to shoot down the door closes, Takizawa )... Saizo speeds off 滝沢 akira takizawa age, Takizawa took his detective badge Saki wakes up just ordered... Who supposedly might have some clues about Akira 's, cutting her link Seleção... Under it inspecteur de 2e Classe du CCG these Seleção and asks the group members that Yuki... For Akira and where the Twin Towers used to be always serious about work and her daily routine in.! Good hacker to fix the phone him a map that marks an building! Saw Takizawa Akira manages to break down the door just in time, although he threw out shoulder. Knocks Micchon over himself twice Hirasawa and Kasuga all arrive on the computer motorcycle Takizawa somehow manages to down.

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