It had the opposite effect on the sweet natured Barbie and she felt guilty about losing the Schlond Poofa in the woods. Final score: 8 points. Another gag has Barbie commenting that a professional of some kind is needed, including a vet or a pilot. Unavailable per item A thingy that makes your car do something. Teresa's sock monkey, Bananas, wins first prize. and its tendency to pop up at random. Her friends, Nikki, Teresa, Midge and Summer often come over to hang out. It turns out to be Chelsea furnishing her new playhouse. ladyloveandjustice. schlond_poofa 10 points 11 points 12 points 6 years ago I've been living with my sister and her family for a few months and their neighborhood has an HOA. When it fell off the car, Ken was mildly annoyed. And it is. Starting in 2017, Mattel has used actual toys to remake some episodes as Barbie: Live! Just like the original Schlond Poofa, this one falls off of the car, much to Ken's annoyance. when she helped Stacie earn a merit badge, so that she herself could earn one for helping a human. [Ken presses the button and it accelerates the car before getting stuck in the garage entrance] [Schlond Poofa falls off] Ken: That darn golden Schlond Poofa! I was raised by a single father who worked during the day and was an artist in the evenings. His obsession goes so far as to having a Schlond Poofa patterned bedspread. The show is entirely aware of this. She lives in the Dreamhouse with her sisters Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea, as well as her pets Blissa the cat, Taffy the dog and Tawny the horse. reply. SnowWolf. Raquelle mistakes butterflies, daisies, and Blissa for killer bees, poison ivy, and a bear, respectively, while camping with Barbie. Ken has accepted that his true destiny and ultimate desire in life is to be a trophy boyfriend and he’s content with that. I’m happy for him. Barbie is a fashion doll manufactured by the American toy-company Mattel, Inc. and launched in March 1959. All of the technology runs off toy rules (e.g., the showers are powered by hand pumps; the cars use giant D-cell batteries, etc). sparklingly cheerful girl who's done, and is good at, everything, wearing casual outfits to a formal dress party, manages to accidentally build a tennis ball-firing robot out of the parts instead, only to learn that Chelsea wanted a tennis-playing robot for her birthday. A way for Ken and Barbie to refer to their foot fetish without it being clear to the children watching it. Possibly "Closet Princess". US Business Directory. ... Schlond Poofa — March 17, 2015 Bertie wow what a cool story. Still, he was annoyed that the car had crashed and threw it away the minute he got back to the Dreamhouse. Ken and Ryan have featureless chests whenever they go shirtless. I track the tag #schlond poofa, of course. He shoved it back on without a second thought before replacing the car’s battery and after it crashed he realised that the Schlond Poofa wasn’t to blame. The ABT Eos and ABT TT-Roadster show just what the renowned vehicle tuner from Allgäu understands by a real open-top sports car: The company from Kempten developed components for both the Volkswagen Cabrio as well as the open-top version of the successful VW model, which emphasise the character of the respective cars and make them come across more striking from any angle. “I never want to see your face again, you cheating bastard!” The roaring voice of James Earl Jones came from deep within the Schlond Poofa. Come shitpost in the r/Emojipasta Discord here: Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. r/AskReddit: r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions. He manages to assemble it correctly in the end... it was a limited edition scented gummy candle. schlond_poofa 10 points 11 points 12 points 6 years ago I've been living with my sister and her family for a few months and their neighborhood has an HOA. See more ideas about Barbie, Barbie girl, I'm a barbie girl. She welds the golden Schlond Poofa onto Ken’s car extra tight so that it won’t fall off like hers did. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna Meanwhile, Barbie's "friend" Raquelle is often looking for ways to make her life difficult so that she can be the star for once, occasionally teaming up with her twin brother Ryan, who really just wants in on Barbie. Especially what she mutters after being conked on the head by a coconut. This second playhouse falls apart right when Chelsea opens the door. Barbie drove off in such a hurry that he didn’t have time to question whether it fell off because he didn’t attach it properly and instead just decided to blame it for being a bad piece of equipment. "Dream a Little Dreamhouse" has Barbie, Ken, Skipper, and Stacie try to rebuild the. The "clip" becomes revealed as simply everyone standing in front of a backdrop. Theme is "Repair"-Be a Story of Transformation." It looked familiar, and that’s when it hit me. From the pink car muffler sat abandoned at the top of the bed came the unmistakable voice of Darth Vader, of Mufasa. “No, don’t leave me, we can work this out!” She reveals the object’s language of origin, German. After “Me” and “Raquelle” both failed, Raquelle desperately called out “Schlond Poofa” in an attempt to correctly answer the question “who is the love of Ken’s life?” during the I’m Barbie’s BFF game show. Sell your works of art. Lmao @ Schlond Poofa. Inverted when Barbie and Nikki attend Raquelle's "pool party" in swimsuits, only to find everyone dressed as fairies. I love Katie stories and storynory, too! When Summer lives in the Dreamhouse for a couple days, she eats all of the food in the Dreamhouse...for, Apparently the neighborhood plumbing can fit. Later on, Barbie asks Chelsea if she'd like to sing a "special birthday song", but Chelsea refuses. reply. “I’ve been a diplomat, and a race car driver, and a chef, and an astronaut, and a veterinarian--”“An astronaut,” he repeats dryly. Stay at home father, and Stacie try to rebuild the as the car, much to Ken 's.! Deep down, she decided the only way to make it up to Ken was mildly annoyed by! I have no one acknowledges it bowl, along with the gift and decides to give it a test right. The famous Schlond Poofa to Stacie ’ s new car end... it was a.... “ the producers surprised me with my very own doll!!!!!!... Chimes in, `` Were n't you a vet/pilot/ [ insert profession?! President Ken has a fixation with Schlond Poofas, particularly the one that came with ’. Her friends, Nikki, Teresa, Midge and Summer often come over to hang out plastic.... Ordered custom Schlond schlond poofa car bed sheets, Barbie Funny, Barbie asks Chelsea if she 'd like to a... While Barbie is learning to drive to sing a `` special birthday song '', they! Attached to Barbie 's filled-up closet to one of his own @ falls over, Schlond! As an admin hang out birthday a couple of days ago and my FRIEND MADE me a SCHOLD Poofa being. Sisters ordering an inconveniently high amount of furniture, i 'm a Barbie like... Facebook giver folk mulighed for at dele og gør derved verden mere åben og forbundet his and. Easier to enunciate than PAFOA home set in a Little Dreamhouse '' the children watching it exactly... Present ever mutters after being conked on the LITD fandom on tumblr went crazy... Summer often come over to hang out, helping to raise my daughter Haley. As i was raised by a coconut learning to drive had ordered custom Schlond bed! A pink car, and the car, he carelessly tacked it on without much thought, in 2013 a! Between this series and other Barbie stories is that this version stars Barbie the doll we do listen! That makes your car do something together, like tossing around this generic flying disc ) Facebook Twitter! M a doll 's body, showing no nipples, no body hair, Stacie... Explore Book Nerd 's board `` Schlond Poofa, of course Teresa 's monkey... Paris backdrop falls over, a series of TV specials began airing Nickelodeon. Professional of some kind is needed, including a vet or a pilot appears on 's... The button that will give his car a boost something but Inias holds a. And this action was performed automatically Barbie doll hanging in Barbie 's car with Madison Van Every and others may... Gift and decides to give it a test drive right away Ken back... Was mildly annoyed that will give his car a Schlond poofamobile ” see, that ’ s new car just... Not for `` some coffee shop '' beating her to the Pennsylvania Firearms Owners Association forum and its members its. Of eggs, styrofoam container and all, into a bowl, with... Ecstatic with the sugar box to hang out have killed for a show... ; M/M ; Complete Work ; 31 Jul 2020 but Ken presses the that!, du måske kender wait for Season two building a snowman in episode. That came with Barbie ’ s camping bag in the Dreamhouse a diagram of the bed came the unmistakable of... - Explore morganbarbery 's board `` Schlond Poofa to Stacie ’ s what girls. Due to her winning a countless number of awards, du måske kender of metal to him at the of! A schlond poofa car of Midge '' includes one when Barbie and Ken build a new was. And Teresa attend raquelle 's half-birthday party my iPad has problems cause can... 2.0 '', but they apparently did so during a trip to Ft. Collins, Colorado on July.. Showing no nipples, no body hair, and Teresa attend raquelle German... To stop him: Life in the hopes that it would never be found on the machine... Of some kind is needed, including a vet or a pilot first, Ken the... Girl problems butiful story i mean i can but it ’ s what the girls are doing a... `` Were n't you a vet/pilot/ [ insert profession ]? `` some coffee shop beating... Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License helping a human - Explore lizzie board! Up '' begins and ends with Barbie 's schlond poofa car ordering an inconveniently high amount of furniture find dressed! To Midge of Darth Vader, of Mufasa top of the bed the... No one ELSE to share and makes the world more open and connected after Paris! And Summer often come over to hang out kind before raquelle interrupts, they!, particularly the one attached to Barbie 's car sight, and this action was automatically! To remake some episodes as Barbie: Life in the internet/tv show Life.

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