About Us




Isibani Sethemba (IS), formerly Ingwavuma Orphan Care (IOC) was established in June 2000 and was officially registered in September 2000. Our NPO number is 010-354.


The organization was formed in response to the growing numbers of orphan caused by the AIDS epidemic. It was created to help the orphans and their families by providing support to the communities they live in.

The organization started under the umbrella of the Mosvold Hospital and Friends of Mosvold Trust, but as the demands grew and the work expanded the organization moved out of the hospital in January 2004 into its own centre on land donated by one of the local tribes. It then changed its name and was registered as Isibani Sethemba, meaning light of hope.


Geographical Area

The project is situated in the most tip of KwaZulu Natal around the small town of Ingwavuma. The project helps clients in an area of 2100km. It is part of District 27.2, the Jozini Municipality within Umkhanyakude district. The area is extremely rural and undeveloped with only 10% of the population having electricity. The population size is estimated to be 100 000. Ingwavuma is an area of extremely high unemployed (60%). Most people rely on the mealie crops they grow for survival, but even this is not always possible due to drought. HIV/AIDS has affected high proportions of the population, (an estimated 40 .7%) leaving many children not only without parents, but with little or no extended family. Grandmothers often find themselves caring for several of their grand children. These level of poverty result in many children either being kept at home or sent out to work as cowherds or domestic helpers.


Area of Operation

Isibani Sethemba programmes are based mainly in Jozini Local Municipality, Umkhanyakude District.

  • Psychosocial Services in wards 9,10,11,12,19
  • Community Development in wards 8,9,10,11,12,13, 19
  • Family and Health Services in wards 9,10,11,12,19


We strive to be a sustainable community organisation that improves the quality of life of vulnerable people.


Isibani Sethemba is a community organisation that provides physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and economic services to the people of Umkhanyakude through direct support and community mobilisation to improve their quality of life.

Our Identity

A non profit organisation that support professional provision of orphan and vulnerable care including physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and economic support to patients with diseases and vulnerable communities to reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS/TB and poverty in the Umkhanyakude District. The organisation enables these communities to access services and develop vulnerable people to sustain themselves and to exercise their basic rights and leaves them in a state where they are socially responsible and independent. The organisation helps all those who it can and its operations are underpinned by sound religious values.

Our Objectives

  • To provide child care and protection services to orphans and vulnerable children.
  • To provide family preservation services to families
  • To promote sustainable food security initiatives
  • To empower young people with life skills
  • To improve communities’ access to water and sanitation
  • To provide home-based care services to patients
  • To strengthen community structures