Community Development

CDD 033Church Strengthening

This section offers the following services:

  • Training of church leaders
  • Counselling workshops
  • Counselling sessions for couples
  • Strengthening of ministers fraternals

We have the following personnel:

  • One Food Security Officer
  • One Garden Mentor
  • Four School Support Mentors
  • OneĀ  Church Strengthening Officer
  • One Church Strengthening Assistant



IMG_0437Food Security

This section has the following programs:

  • Establishment of food gardens for families, support groups, schools and church groups
  • Agro-Ecology workshop
  • Establishments of nurseries for support groups, church groups
  • Workshop on nutrition
  • Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) programs for schools, support groups and families
  • Water harvesting


Schools of Excellence

This section has the following programs:

  • School support mentor training peer educatorsLife skills program
  • Peer Education Clubs
  • Training and Mentoring of student leaders
  • Holiday Clubs
  • Parents workshops
  • Training of School Governing Bodies (SGBs)
  • Educators workshops
  • Counselling program


Wish List

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